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Councillor conduct complaints form

Use this form to submit complaints to the Monitoring Officer about the conduct of a City of York councillor, or a councillor from one of our parish councils.

If you wish to provide your complaint as a separate written document to be uploaded with your submission, rather than copying and pasting your complaint into the eform, you can do so in the "supporting documents" section at the end of the form.

Your address and contact details will not usually be released unless necessary to deal with your complaint.

We will tell the following people that you have made this complaint:

  • the Member you are complaining about
  • the Parish or Town Clerk (if applicable)
  • the Independent Persons who advise City of York Council on handling standards and complaints

We will tell them your name and details of your complaint. If you have serious concerns about your name or details of your complaint being released please discuss those concerns with the Council’s Monitoring Officer before submitting your complaint.

Please see the City of York Council Privacy Notice for more information about how we handle your personal data.

Additional help

We can make reasonable adjustments if you have a disability which prevents you making your complaint via this form, or provide assistance if you have any other difficulty which prevents you completing this form.

If you require additional help please contact the Monitoring Officer on email:, or by post to:

The Monitoring Officer
City of York Council
West Offices
Station Rise