Council garages

Register to bid for a council garage

You need to join the register of approved renters in order to be able to bid for a council garage, which can be done online via our Open Housing service.

To join the garage register complete the online Garage Registration Form:

Register an application for a council garage

Once we've received your application we'll contact you confirming that you have been placed on the garage register. This registration is valid for 12 months after which time we'll contact you asking if you want to re-register your application.

Once your application has been processed you'll receive an individual reference number and the date your application went live. You'll need this information to bid for a garage so please ensure you keep this safe.

You can view and bid for garages available for rent online.

City of York Council tenants or leaseholders are given priority over other applicants. Applications are then prioritised in date order.

Please note that if you're a City of York Council tenant and you have any arrears with the council your application will be bypassed.

Also see

Garages Housing Asset Officer

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Telephone: 01904 551550