Castle Gateway - exploring ideas

In November and December 2017 we asked for your views on Castle Gateway ideas; a range of plans which reflect what people have told us about what they love, value and want to change in the Castle Gateway area - although the deadline for formal feedback has passed, you can still join the conversation via social media.

During the consultation period over 200 people attended walks, talks and drop-in events, 100s of comments captured on social media, and online plans were viewed thousands of times - all feedback will be summarised and will help shape the masterplan.

Explore Castle Gateway ideas

We’ve divided the Castle Gateway into 5 areas on this interactive map. Alternatively view the 4 key ideas.

Map of the Castle Gateway areaPiccadilly King's Staith Castle and the Eye of York St George's Field The River Corridors

  1. King's Staith
  2. Piccadilly
  3. Castle and the Eye of York
  4. St George's Field
  5. The River Corridors

Key Castle Gateway ideas to consider

While there are lots of exciting ideas to consider, these four ideas are key to regenerating the area, creating new, high quality public spaces and making improvements to the transport network:

  1. new uses for Castle Car Park
  2. locations for alternative car parking at either St George's Field or Castle Mills
  3. a new riverside walk along the River Foss
  4. a new building on the rear of the Coppergate Shopping Centre

It's important to remember what else will have to be considered alongside your views. The My Castle Gateway project has put people and how they want to use the area at the centre of the masterplanning process. It has also made sure that people understand the challenges and realities of regenerating the area.

The plan will have to be in line with planning rules including national, local and heritage policies. It will also have to be realistic and affordable. For example, any expensive new public spaces have to be funded by other new developments in the area. We would also have to replace any income it loses if car parks are removed.

This open, honest conversation provides a better opportunity to think more creatively about the different ideas that are proposed. This is a real chance to have your say in shaping the Castle Gateway masterplan.

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