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Busker guidelines

Busking in York

We welcome buskers and street entertainment to our city's streets; we recognise that busking and street entertainers add colour and vibrancy to public spaces, providing enjoyment for residents, visitors, and businesses.

Buskers and street entertainers:

  • must avoid becoming intrusive and disruptive, particularly to those who live and work in the city centre
  • are expected to adhere to guidance and busking byelaws
  • need street trading consent to sell CDs (compact discs) or other goods and services in York.

To ensure city centre spaces are shared considerately, and that mutual respect, considerations when busking, and cooperation is given to resolving any issues, we've written and agreed this busking guidance alongside:

Enquiries about buskers and street entertainment

Your first point of contact about buskers and street entertainment in York is Make It York; email: or telephone: 01904 551355 for guidance.

Also see

Make it York

1 Museum Street, York, YO1 7DT

Telephone: 01904 551355