Notices and advertising applications

You must advertise your licence application by means of a display notice and press notice if you are applying for any of the following:

  • premises licence
  • provisional statement
  • to vary a premises licence
  • club premises certificate
  • to vary a club premises certificate

Licence display notice requirements

The notice should be prominently displayed and visible on the premises.

It must be displayed for no less than 28 consecutive days from the day of application in the following format:

  • size equal to or larger than A4
  • pale blue colour paper
  • printed legibly, or typed in font size 16 or larger, in black
  • in the case of a premises covering an area of more than 50m square, a further notice in the same format and subject to the same requirements must be displayed every 50m along the external perimeter of the premises next to the road

Notices should state:

  • your name or the name of the registered premises or club
  • the postal address of the premises or club
  • a description identifying the location, if there is no postal address
  • as the licensing authority, our postal and website addresses (where the licensing applications register is kept)
  • the date by which a responsible authority or any other person may object
  • that objections must be made in writing
  • that it is an offence to knowingly or recklessly provide false information in an application
  • that anyone providing false information will be liable to a fine
  • the licensing hours which are being applied for

Please supply adequate information on the notice as this will help people to understand your application. This may prevent objections being made.

Press licence notice requirements

A notice of advertisement should also be published in the local newspaper (The Press) at least once during 10 working days beginning the day after the application is made. It must include the same information as the premises display notice.

Premise licences or club premises certificates

If you are applying for a premises licence or a club premises certificate, notices should contain a statement of the relevant licensable activities or relevant qualifying club activities that will be carried on or from the premises.

Provisional statements

If you are applying for a provisional statement, notices should:

  • state that objections are restricted after the issue of a provisional statement
  • if known, the relevant licensable activities it is proposed will be carried on or from the premises

Variation of a premises licence or a club premises certificate

If you are making a variation application, notices should briefly describe the proposed variation.

Minor variation of premises licence

For a minor variation you are required to post a minor variation of premises licence (white notice) on the premises for 10 consecutive working days commencing on (and including) the day after the date we receive the application.

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