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Apply for a child performance licence

If you are responsible for the production or event, you must apply for a Child Performance Licence, not the parent/carer of the child.

Complete an application form for a Performance Licence from us with details of:

  • your name, business or organisation
  • the production, sporting event or modelling assignment and the child’s part in it
  • times, dates and duration of performances or activities
  • number of days and hours per day that the child will appear in the performances or activities (including rehearsals)
  • what the child will earn (if paid)
  • arrangements that you will make for the child in relation to, e.g. schooling and chaperoning

Before a licence can be issued, we must be satisfied that the performance(s) will not be detrimental to the child's education or wellbeing.

A separate licence is needed for each production or set of performances, except in the case of photographic modelling licenses, which last for six months. We aim to process your application within 10 working days of receiving it and will provide you with a copy of the licence once your application has been processed. If the application is made later than 21 days before the child’s first performance, we can’t guarantee to issue a licence in time.

For more information on child’s hours of work and medical care see the National Network for Child Employment and Entertainment (NNCEE) website.

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