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Scarborough Bridge project

Network Rail has undertaken work to replace the footbridge attached to Scarborough (rail) Bridge on behalf of the council.

Scarborough Bridge improvements

The new bridge has greatly improved this crossing, which connects directly to York Railway Station.

It also provides:

  • a traffic-free route between the railway station, city centre and residential areas
  • more space for pedestrians, cyclists, pushchairs, wheelchairs and those with mobility issues
  • ramps and stepped access to cater for more users
  • improved connectivity of the National Cycle Network (routes 65 and 658)
  • an available crossing when flood defences are closed
A pleasure boat sails under Scarborough bridge.

Photo of Scarborough Bridge.

The new traffic-free bridge has become a new popular route into the city centre for many of York's visitors, regular commuters and local residents.

Funding the Scarborough Bridge upgrade

The final cost of the bridge is estimated to be around £4.4million, funded by:

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Contact Network Rail on telephone: 03457 114141