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Streets, roads and pavements

Road adoption

Most roads in York are adopted. An 'adopted road' is public road which we are responsible for maintaining.

An 'unadopted road' is a privately owned road. The people who own property adjacent to unadopted roads are responsible for maintenance of these roads.

Read guidance on private streets for more information.

Map of adopted roads in York

Adopted roads are marked on the map in green.

You can expand the map to view in more detail, or search by street name or postcode:

View larger map

Apply for a road to be adopted

If you want us to adopt your private road, it's a good idea to nominate a resident to act as a coordinator and single point of contact.

Before submitting your application, you should:

  • find out if the majority of other property owners on the street want the road to become adopted
  • ask each property owner to sign the application form; you can add additional sheets to the application for this purpose

Costs for work on unadopted roads

Existing private roads will not normally be adopted unless they are brought up to current 'adoptable standards' by the owners of any buildings or land adjoining it.

These property owners are responsible for the cost of any maintenance or legal work involved.

Please refer to agenda item 5 within the agenda, decisions and minutes from the Executive Member for Transport and Planning Decision Session, November 2016, regarding the policy on streets maintained at private expense.

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