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If you're worried about falling in your home, or sometimes feel unsteady on your feet at home, we're offering free home safety visits to all residents in Clifton, Guildhall, Holgate, Micklegate and Fishergate Wards who want practical help and advice to reduce the risk of falls in their home.

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During the course of the visit, we'll find out more about you and look at the layout of your home to give you personalised advice. With the appropriate permission, we may be able to carry out adjustments to your home which will help reduce the risk of falls. If it’s quick and simple to do, we can do these there and then if you own your own home or live in a council property, at no cost to you!

If you're a housing association or private tenant, we'll need to get your landlord's permission before making any adjustments to your property.

During our visit, we may look at:

  • stairs and steps
  • clutter and tripping hazards (for example: rugs, cables)
  • floor coverings
  • poor lighting, glare, shadows
  • lack of appropriate adaptations (for example: grab rails, stair rails)
  • furniture
  • access to telephone or alarm systems
  • quality of heating
  • door thresholds

It’s not just your home environment that can increase your risk of falls; your behaviour, balance, medication and medical conditions can also increase the risk. Falls may occur at any age; however a combination of risk factors means that whilst falls are not an inevitable part of ageing, they are more likely to occur as people get older.

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