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We cannot direct a school to exclude or reinstate a pupil, although we can provide advice.

The decision to exclude pupils from school is made by the head teacher or a designated member of teaching staff. There are 2 types of exclusion:

Fixed term exclusion

Fixed term exclusions are short term exclusions and pupils are given a date for return to school. Pupils can be excluded for a maximum of 45 school days in any school year.

Permanent exclusion

Where pupils are permanently excluded they may not return to the school, unless the governing body decides to reinstate them. Permanent exclusions are rare, but are considered either where one incident warrants permanent exclusion from the school, or as a result of previous incidents and fixed term exclusions.

When a pupil is excluded

The law states the head teacher must write to parents straight away with the following information:

  • the type of exclusion
  • the reason for the exclusion
  • the length of the exclusion
  • when the pupil may return to school if it is a fixed term exclusion
  • what to do next if it is a permanent exclusion

See help and advice if your child has been excluded.

See how the governing body of the school may review an exclusion decision.

Managed moves

In some circumstances, schools may discuss a managed move to another school with you. Managed moves can only proceed where parents and school both agree that this is in the best interests of a child, and this may mean an exclusion can be avoided.

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