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Music and party noise

Sound from a stereo, hi-fi, radio or TV may be entertaining, but can become a noise nuisance to your neighbours.

Our most common noise complaint is about 'amplified sound', such as music and party noise. For neighbours, parties can be a nuisance if they happen regularly, are especially loud or occur late at night.

Prevent music becoming a noise nuisance

To minimise noise nuisance from music and parties, we suggest that you:

  • keep the volume down, especially during the evening and at night
  • set the bass at a low level
  • place speakers away from neighbouring walls, floors or ceilings
  • rest speakers on sound insulating material
  • keep windows and doors closed
  • consider using headphones
  • let neighbours know you're having a party, and what to expect (perhaps invite them along too!)

Noise nuisance complaints

If someone makes a complaint about a noise you're making, please be polite, turn the volume down and keep it down; see some advice to help you to understand what is reasonable.

If your neighbours regularly have loud parties and ignore our guidance, contact our Noise Patrol to report noise nuisance, or read more about how we can help with complaints about noise nuisance.

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Noise Patrol

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