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Miscellaneous licence fees

Details of miscellaneous licence fees relating to:

Scrap metal dealer licence fees

Scrap metal dealers - renewable 3 yearly Fees and Charges (before VAT)
Grant/renewal of site licence £480
Grant/renewal of site licence (2 sites) £662
Grant/renewal of site licence (3 sites) £469
Grant/renewal of collectors licence £342
Variation of licence £153
Variation of licence - change of name/address £88

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Mobile home site licence fees

Mobile Homes Licensing (Mobile Homes Act 2013) Fees and Charges (before VAT)
New Licence Application £810
Transfer of Licence (no variations) £277
Variation of Licence £590
Annual Inspection – 50 units or more £590
Annual inspection – 49 units or fewer £462
Fit and Proper Person test for mobile home sites £440

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Other licence fees

Other miscellaneous licence fees Fees and Charges (before VAT)
Hypnotism licence £75
Film classification £93
Replacement charitable collection permit £12

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Licence application details

See further details of the application process for these licences and permits, along with application forms:

Also see

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