Cheap and illicit alcohol and cigarettes

Cheap illicit alcohol and cigarettes

Trading standards enforce legislation that deals with the sale of counterfeit and other supplies of cheap and illicit tobacco or alcohol.

There are many forms of cheap and illicit products. Of rising concern are foreign branded 'cheap white' cigarettes which are legally manufactured abroad, typically in Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean, and sold to traders who transport them to the UK, where they are sold illegally without paying taxes.

What could be wrong

  • counterfeit cigarettes have been reported to contain contaminants such as sawdust and rats droppings
  • counterfeit vodka and other alcoholic drinks have been found to contain chemicals which are known carcinogens

What makes these products particularly dangerous is that they are generally cheap and this tends to increase consumption. This increases the health risks associated with smoking and drinking excessively.

What to do

You can report any concerns about illegal sales by:

Public Protection Unit - Trading Standards

Eco Depot, Hazel Court, York, YO10 3DS

Telephone: 08082 231133