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Holocaust Memorial Day 2021

Holocaust Memorial Day is now an established act of commemoration when people from all over the world come together to remember the destruction and devastation caused by the Holocaust and more recent genocides and persecution.

Clifford's Tower Commemoration

16 March 2021

One of the worst anti-Semitic pogroms of the Middle Ages took place in York in 1190. The city’s entire Jewish community was trapped by an angry mob inside the tower of York Castle. Many members of the community chose to take their own lives rather than be murdered or forcibly baptised by the attackers 1.

Each year on 16 March, a commemoration event is staged at the base of the tower to reflect and remember this horrific event.

Unfortunately we can’t host a face-to-face event this year due to the covid restrictions, but we have developed a digital version of the commemoration.

Join our commemoration, which includes spoken accounts and contributions from The Lord Mayor of York, Cllr Janet Looker; Student Rabbi Gabriel Kanter-Webber; Former University of York Jewish Society President, Katie Marks and York Holocaust Memorial Day Steering Group Member, Jack Morris.

The commemoration is available at the Clifford’s Tower Commemoration website

1 English Heritage - The Massacre at Clifford’s Tower.

For further information for the region and beyond visit the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust website.

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