Cold calling is a crime which may include:

  • bogus traders who visit homes uninvited
  • offers to carry out unwanted or unnecessary work
  • use of aggressive selling techniques

In most cases where traders sell products to consumers in their homes, the law requires that a 'cooling off period' is provided, during which a customer can change their mind with:

  • no obligation
  • no payment required

The trader may be committing an offence and any contract could be unenforceable if they fail to provide written notice of a 'cooling off period'.

Visit the Business Companion website for more information about your legal rights when dealing with cold callers, or if you're a business seeking advice on the law in this area.

Cold Calling Controlled Zones

We operate over 200 'Cold Calling Controlled Zones' (CCCZs) across York to help reduce instances of cold calling.

Cold Calling Controlled Zones map

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We create CCCZs at the request of residents.

People living in the zones collectively agree to help reduce doorstep crime further by:

  • refusing to deal with cold callers
  • reporting anyone breaching the zones to the police or Trading Standards

CCCZs are indicated by signs, advising would-be doorstep traders that restrictions are in place.

Dealing with cold callers

If you live within a CCCZ, report any cold callers to:

If you don't live within a CCCZ, report a trader that you're concerned about by contacting the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline.

Age UK Home Services Directory

The Home Services Directory is a list of traders vetted by Age UK York and City of York Trading Standards, provided to help protect householders from bogus traders.

The Home Services Directory is designed to help older and vulnerable people who are considering having work done on their property.

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