Apply for a Child Performance Licence which you may need for a child up to the age of 16, to take part in:

  • a public performance (such as TV, film, theatre or musical)
  • a sporting event for which the child will be paid
  • a modelling assignment that you are organising and for which the child will be paid

A public performance can include:

  • any performance for which an admission fee or other charge is made
  • any performance which takes place on licensed premises
  • any production which is being filmed, broadcast or recorded for public exhibition

Applications should be made to the Local Authority in which you live, not the Local Authority for where the performance is taking place.

If time off school is required, consent must be given in advance by the head teacher of the child’s school.

A child taking part in a performance - which can include TV, film, theatre, sporting activities or modelling – must have a chaperone licensed by the local council.

Cases when a performance licence is not required

Licences are not required:

  • where the child is not absent from school
  • is not paid for their performance
  • has not previously performed in the last 6 months.

This may vary for each child, so please contact us to check whether a licence is required prior to making an application.

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