The Castle Gateway Masterplan has been shaped BDP to reflect what you've told us you’d like to see, do, change and protect about this large and important area of York.

The Masterplan covers:

Other elements of the Masterplan include:

  1. exploring options to make Coppergate a single lane west-bound bus route, improving access across the street and in to Castle Gateway from the city centre
  2. highway improvements on Tower Street to reduce the size of the carriageway and improve the pedestrian footstreets
  3. exploring options with the law courts to redevelop the vacant office space at the rear of the Magistrates Court into apartments
  4. working with the public to consider future options to improve Tower Gardens
  5. granting a lease to the Arts Barge for a mooring in Tower Gardens

Full details will be included in the Masterplan, which will be published along with a proposed delivery schedule ahead of the council's Executive meeting in April 2018.

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