This part of the Castle Gateway Masterplan covers the Foss Basin, which would be brought to life with new homes over-looking the basin, water based leisure activities, and a riverside walkway from the south.

Artist's impression of  Foss Basin

Artist's impression of the Foss Basin

Part of the masterplan showing Foss Basin

Part of the Masterplan showing the Foss Basin

  • Map key - orange - proposed developments
  • Map key - orange stripes - proposed Ministry of Justice scheme
  • Map key - yellow - proposed developments (consented)
  • Map key - grey - existing developments
  • Map key - cream - public realm
  • Map key - buff - enhanced public realm
  • Map key - green stripes - proposed improvements to Tower Gardens

Proposals for the Foss Basin area

Creating new homes in the Foss Basin will bring life to the area, throughout the year. The apartments would overlook the basin and frame the backdrop, as well as creating a screen to the new multi-storey car park at St George’s Field. They would be built on the flood wall with a raised access above flood levels, and retain the Environment Agency’s access road to the Foss Barrier.

A new waterside building would offer water based leisure activities (such as boats and canoes), realising the potential of the area as place to be enjoyed.

From the south a new riverside walkway would create a new route in to town, with bridges over the Castle Mills lock leading up to the new pedestrian and cycle crossing. As the pathway is too narrow for both people and bikes, a new dedicated cycle route to the crossing, would be created through St George’s Field.

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