Temporary closure of Nunnery Lane entry point

Due to a fault with the rising bollard, the entry point from the direction of Victor Street from Nunnery Lane is temporarily closed.

The fault created a safety concen due to drivers using the entry point to exit the area to avoid the restriction.

Due to the age of the equipment, we are unable to fix the bollard and intend to replace it. At this time we don't have a timeframe as to when this will be; if you have any questions, contact network.monitoring@york.gov.uk.

The rising bollard at the Nunnery Lane exit is working normally.

In the Bishophill designated area, rising bollards limit access to certain roads for motor vehicles at all times.

The bollards still allow access for:

  • pedestrians
  • cyclists
  • emergency vehicles

The Bishophill area access restrictions are enforced with bollards situated at the Victoria Bar entrance from Nunnery Lane.

Access is still possible at all times via Skeldergate and Cromwell Road.

Bishophill key fob access

Residents who live or rent a garage within the Bishophill designated area can apply for a key fob which lowers the bollard.

A £20.00 deposit is payable which will be refunded when the key fob is returned for any reason.

When you apply for a key fob:

  • we'll contact you within 5 working days to advise you we've received your application
  • contact us if you haven't heard from us within 5 working days of your application

Bishophill key fob return and refund

If you leave the Bishophill area or no longer require your key fob, you should return it to us along with a completed key fob return form.

You can choose to receive your £20.00 deposit refund by:

  • cheque to a forwarding address
  • direct transfer to your bank account

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