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Andrea Morrison Business Coaching case study

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Andrea Morrison is a Transformational Coach, Ted X Speaker, Columnist for the Yorkshire Post and writer. She founded her company in 2015 to specialise in state of mind coaching, particularly working with women, and has trained with a number of world leading coaches, consultants, and psychologists in this field. She now works with women to help develop their innate capacity to reach their own potential; understanding and unlocking any blocks that they may have to prevent this from being achieved.

During the coronavirus outbreak a Micro Grant scheme provided funds to support the development of small businesses.

Before the coronavirus outbreak, Andrea had been planning a 2 day ‘retreat’ for her clients and despite lockdown restrictions she was keen to look at how she could continue to support with an alternative online option. The £1000 grant she has received from the Micro Grant scheme has enabled her to work on an eight-week online ‘The Courageous Females programme’ which includes a combination of video modules, group coaching, and a community of like-minded women offering each other support. The funding is being used to support 4 other businesses who are helping to create the ‘behind the scenes’ element of the programme to enable it to be produced to a high standard and leave Andrea to focus on the facilitation and coaching. It is hoped that this will be an evergreen programme, running not during this time, but several times a year, helping countless women in the future too.

Andrea Morrison, Founder of Andrea Morrison Business Coaching said:

The grant has been crucial in allowing me to put together this new online programme which I have designed to really help the women who take part – recent research is pointing to the coronavirus hitting women even harder than their male counterparts as they face the double burden of home duties as they try and keep their businesses and careers afloat.

“With the money I’ve been able to enlist the help of experts in areas such as graphic design and copy writing – working with other local businesses to help make this programme a success. It was also important that there was a repeated return on investment on the funding, which whilst I knew this wasn’t an essential criteria, it was such a good opportunity to help as many professional women and businesses as I could going forward.

“The whole process of applying and receiving the grant was very easy and I was very impressed with how quickly I received the funds following the application. I would highly encourage any other businesses who are thinking of applying to do so as it’s a great opportunity to get some additional support for your business. A huge thank you to the team involved in setting this up and processing the applications!”

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