To operate gaming machines in members clubs, commercial clubs and miners' welfare institutes, 2 types of permit are available:

  • club machine permit
  • club gaming permit

The application procedure for both permits is the same - complete a Club Gaming and Machine Permit application form and return it to our licensing services team along with the £200 fee (cheques are payable to City of York Council).

Note: gaming machines fall into certain categories depending on the maximum stake and prize available, see the Gambling Commission website for more information.

Club machine permit

A 'club machine permit' entitles clubs to offer up to a total of 3 gaming machines of category B3A, B4, C and D. It does not authorise the club to provide any other facilities for gaming, except for 'exempt gaming', see below.

Club gaming permit

A 'club gaming permit' entitles clubs to offer up to a total of 3 gaming machines of category B3A, B4, C and D. It also authorises the club to provide facilities for 'equal chance' gaming (subject to certain limits and such games as are prescribed by the Secretary of State in regulations).

Annual permit fees

Holders of these permits must pay an annual fee of £50 prior to the anniversary date that the permit was issued. Failure to pay the fee will result in the permit being revoked.

This first annual fee must be paid to us within 30 days of the permit being issued.

Exempt gaming

Certain gaming facilities can be provided without the need for a licence or permit. To qualify as 'exempt', gaming must meet a number of conditions:

  • it must be 'equal chance' gaming
  • stakes and prizes must comply with any limits set in regulations
  • the club must not deduct any amounts from sums staked or won
  • any charge for participation must not exceed amounts set by the Secretary of State
  • the games played may only take place on one set of premises, so there may not be any linking of games between premises
  • in the case of members' clubs, people may only participate in gaming if they have been a member (or applied or nominated for membership) at least 48 hours before playing, or are genuine guests of such a person

Code of practice

All clubs which provide gaming machines must comply with the relevant Code of Practice issued by the Gambling Commission under Section 24 of the Gambling Act 2005.

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