Community premises can have a licence to supply alcohol without the requirement to have a designated premises supervisor (DPS).

An application can only be made if the licence holder is, or is to be, a committee or board of individuals with responsibility for the management of the premises.

Community premises include, churches, chapels, village halls, parish or community halls, or other similar buildings.

Licence application process for community, church and village halls

If the community premises holds a premises licence which includes the sale of alcohol:

If the community premises holds a premises licence for entertainment only:

If the community premises does not hold a premises licence:

Temporary event notices (TENs)

If alcohol is only to be supplied at the premises on an ad hoc basis for one-off occasions, the best option may be to request that event organisers apply for a temporary event notice.

For further information see Temporary Event Notices.

Note there is a maximum number of TENs and days per year that a premises can hold, so it is recommended that the bookings committee monitor the number of events where alcohol will be supplied.

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