Safety certificates

Safety certificates are required for:

  • stadia with a capacity of more than 10,000 spectators
  • all premier and football league stadia
  • grounds with covered stands with a capacity of more than 500 spectators.

Safety certificates cover the physical condition of sports grounds and the safety management provision. A safe capacity is determined for each facility.

York currently has three certified facilities:

  • Bootham Crescent football ground
  • York Racecourse
  • Huntington Stadium

Regular inspections are made to ensure the safety of spectators.

Applying for a safety certificate

The process of granting a safety certificate is complex and will take a significant period of time depending on the size and complexity of the sports ground in question.

Before any certificate is issued a consultation process is undertaken and the views of residents and potential spectators are considered.

To apply for an application form contact our licensing team. They will discuss your request and send out the appropriate forms and information should you meet the criteria.

Completed application forms should be accompanied by:

  • risk assessments
  • contingency plans
  • safety policy for spectators
  • name and qualification of safety officer
  • eight full sets of detailed drawings

Completed forms should be returned to licensing services.


We are entitled to recover costs from you for issuing the safety certificate. Therefore costs vary depending on the work involved in your application.

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