Housing Environment Improvement Programme

The Housing Environment Improvement Programme (HEIP) is an initiative which replaces the Estate Improvement Grant.

This programme is designed to:

  • maximise value for money through bringing together different funding pots to deliver bigger and more coordinated schemes which have more impact
  • improve the legitimacy of schemes by increasing wider community ownership
  • reduce administration and duplication
  • have a positive environmental impact; improve the appearance of the local area and enhance quality of life
  • compliment and align with wider council priorities
  • ensure funding for schemes matches the tenure diversity of estates

The ward teams, led by councillors, will discuss priorities and suggestions along with possible solutions.

You can submit any schemes which may attract HEIP funding to the HEIP Panel via your local Community Involvement Officer. You can find contact details for your Community Involvement Officer on the relevant Residents' Associations page.

The Panel is made up of councillors, tenants and council officers, who will make sure the schemes put forward are feasible and meet the HEIP criteria.

The HEIP Panel met in January 2018, with the following updated actions:

View the action plans from the HEIP Panel meeting held in October 2017.

View the action plans from the first HEIP meeting held in August 2017.

The HEIP Panel will meet again in May for updates on progress.

For more information, contact our Housing Equalities and Engagement Facilitator.

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