The Housing Environment Improvement Programme (HEIP) is an initiative which replaces the Estate Improvement Grant.

Ward teams, led by councillors, discuss priorities and suggestions for improvements to local areas, along with possible solutions.

This programme is designed to:

  • maximise value for money by centralising funding pots to deliver bigger, more coordinated schemes which have more impact
  • increase wider community ownership
  • reduce administration and duplication
  • improve the appearance of the local area
  • enhance quality of life in the community
  • ensure scheme funding reflects the diverse mix of tenancies within estates
  • compliment wider council priorities

Submit a HEIP scheme

If your scheme meets the HEIP criteria, and may attract HEIP funding, submit it to your ward team via your local Community Involvement Officer or Housing Management Officer.

Find contact details for your Community Involvement Officer on the relevant Residents' Association or Ward pages.

Current HEIP programme

The current HEIP programme runs from April 2019 to March 2023 - all scheme details and updates will be published on this page.

Our Tenant Scrutiny Panel oversees and monitors the programme, ensuring that funding is spent appropriately and schemes are delivered.

Previous HEIP schemes

View all HEIP schemes during the last programme (April 2017 to March 2019).

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