The West Yorkshire Plus Alliance (WYPA) region is made up of different council highway authorities in the West Yorkshire area. The WYPA delivers a joint strategy for the gritting of roads in anticipation of frost, ice and snow.

They grit over 4,980km of roads (approximately 66% of the entire road network). Motorways and the A1, however, are maintained and treated by Highways England.

Although resources aren't available to treat all roads, certain criteria define which routes are gritted.

Known as our priority pre-salting network (and in line with national guidelines), routes are treated in order of importance, as follows:

  1. strategic regional routes
  2. major bus routes
  3. steep main distributor roads into housing estates
  4. links to schools
  5. links to hospitals
  6. links to industrial estates

Being a part of the WYPA region ensures a consistent approach across different authorities and helps us achieve a responsible balance between cost and level of service.

Download the following WYPA documents regarding winter services:

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