Fostering is about looking after children in a safe and secure environment when they can't live with their own families. Fostering happens at times when incidents, family difficulties, illness or drug related problems mean it's best for a child to be placed in a foster home.

In some cases fostering can be very short term, perhaps even overnight, and many children return home to their parents once the problem has been resolved. In other cases, children are unable to return home and need long term foster care or adoption.

Fostering is not always an easy ride. Some of the children and young people needing care have experienced violence or abuse. Many will be very demanding. All children are likely to experience some distress at moving into a new environment and will need a stable home and the support of caring, loving foster carers.

Find out about who can foster and the different types of fostering available.

If you are interested in fostering, please complete our online fostering enquiry form. Alternatively, you can complete our downloadable fostering enquiry form which you should email to us at

We offer a range of support for foster carers and you can view our annual Fostering Service Statement of Purpose which outlines what we do and who's involved.

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