Organisations in York have agreed to try to make the city ‘dementia friendly’, meaning it's a good place to live for people with dementia and their carers.

We have also agreed to make sure all of our services become dementia-friendly - find out more about York’s plans to become a Dementia Friendly City and how you can help.

We’re looking to improve four key areas for people living with dementia:

Improving the place

Making York as easy as possible to move around and enjoy, with uncluttered and clear signage, and making public transport and facilities comfortable, easy to use and accessible. York already has many assets in terms of leisure, cultural and spiritual resources, which we can enable and encourage people with dementia to enjoy.

Improving the people

With training for staff who provide key services in the wider community, such as in banks, libraries and shops, we can improve customer service and 'understanding of needs', and remove stigma.

Improving resources

Using the ‘dementia friendly’ forget-me-not symbol to denote dementia-friendly services and venues (theatres, cinemas, cafes) we can support businesses to become dementia-friendly and recognise such credentials. We can consider the needs of people with dementia when developing all services, not just health and care services.

Improving networks

By encouraging people with dementia and carers to network and share experience and creating a York Dementia Action Alliance partners can commit to action within their own organisations and support this movement, building a sense of corporate responsibility across all sectors.

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