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Recycling, rubbish and waste

Recycling, rubbish and waste

Your most popular questions:

If your question is not listed below, please browse the Waste section or visit our 'latest news' page for any new service developments or service disruptions.

When is the extra January garden waste collection?

All households with garden waste collections will get one additional collection in January 2015.  The collection dates will be announced soon.  We will also collect Christmas trees if they are cut up and put inside your green bin.

When is my collection day?

New collection calendars are being delivered to households during November.  These contain collection dates for December onwards as well as Christmas collection information.  Look out for yours coming through your letterbox.  Use our 'Do it Online' service to  find your next collection date and download a calender.   

How do I use my bin and boxes?

Refuse, recycling and garden waste collections, what we collect and how.

How can I report a missed collection?

If your bin was put out in the correction location at or before 7am you can report it through our 'bins online' tool by clicking the link or by calling the contact centre on 01904 551550


How do I order a new bin or box?

Find information on container costs and ways to order


What can I put in my  Kerbside recycling boxes?

Find out which items / material we accept and how to present your boxes for collection

I struggle to put my bins and boxes out, can you help?

Yes, we provide assisted collections, where possible, for those with mobility problems. Either 'apply for it' online by clicking the link or calling the contact centre on 01904 551550

How do I get rid of a large bulky item? 

 Find out how to book a bulky waste collection for items such furniture or fridge freezers

I am a student, Is there anything I need to know? 

Browse our Student waste pages to find student specific help and guidance

Where is my nearest Household Waste Recycling centre?

Find locations, opening times and facilities on site

How do I get a Household Waste Recycling Centre Permit?

If you want to use a van to visit, please apply for a permit

Where are my nearest Bring Banks?

Find your nearest bring bank recycling site



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