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Local Plan

City of York Local Plan

Work is currently underway on preparing a new Local Plan for the City of York. The Local Plan is a citywide plan which will help shape future development in York up to 2030 and beyond. It sets out the opportunities and policies on what will or will not be permitted and where, including new homes and businesses.


Members considered whether the Local Plan Publication Draft and Proposals map should be published for statutory consultation. The Local Plan Publication Draft and Proposals Map were considered by the Local Plan Working Group on 22 September 2014.

Further Information, including the draft plan and proposal map including Annex H are available. 

Following this meeting, the views of the Local Plan Working Group were reported to Cabinet on 25 September 2014, where the plan was considered again. Further information on the Cabinet Meeting is available.

The publication draft Local Plan was approved to go out for consultation by Cabinet on 25 September.

A motion was submitted by Councillor Reid at Full Council on 9 October which set out that the planned consultation on the current proposals should be halted whilst further work is undertaken. Further information on the motion is available under point 12B (iii).

Members of Full Council agreed this motion. Consequently the planned Local Plan Publication consultation has been halted and  officers have been looking at the best way to respond to the requirements of the motion.

Officers organised a Local Plan Housing seminar for all Council Members to look at the approach to housing figures in detail. It was considered that this approach would help to inform members of the requirements of an objective assessment of housing need, provide a greater understanding of the technical evidence base produced to support the Local Plan to date and therefore help to inform the debate at any subsequent Local Plan Working Group.

Following the seminar, a report to the 16th December 2014 Cabinet and 17th December 2014 Local Plan Working Group have been produced on housing options. Further information on the Cabinet Report is available. Annex A to this report gives the Housing Seminar presentations. The Local Plan Working Group report is available. It is anticipated that a further report will be taken to Local Plan Working Group which will outline the way forward on the Local Plan. 

Further Sites Consultation

Consultation on the Local Plan Further Sites took place from 4 June to 16 July 2014.

You can view the Local Plan Further Sites Consultation documents. All of the responses received to the Local Plan Further Sites Consultation have now been published too.


I understand that the personal and other data I provide will be used to inform the council’s emerging planning policy framework for its duration and will also be used to help ensure the accuracy and completeness of information held for other council purposes.

I understand that the details submitted may be made available to the public if required by the Freedom of Information Act or other legal provisions.

Further Information

We have published a number of evidence base documents to support the preparation of the Local Plan.

Preferred Options Consultation

Initial consultation on the Local Plan took place from 5 June to 31 July 2013. You can view information on the Preferred Options document. All of the responses received to the Local Plan Preferred Options Consultation have now been published too.

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