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On the 17th April 2014 a report on specific aspects of the Local Plan will be taken to the Local Plan Working Group.  This report will set out the on-going work relating to potential Local Plan allocations and seek permission to undertake further public consultation. 

The on-going work has been undertaken following the submission of new sites and new site evidence since the first round of consultation last year.  The purpose of the consultation is to find out your views on potential new sites and boundary changes on some of the sites originally identified in the Preferred Options Local Plan.  This will help in deciding which sites should be included in the Submission Local Plan. Papers for the meeting are available to view here.

Members of Cabinet will consider this issue on 23rd April 2014.

Subject to agreement, this further public consultation will commence as soon as possible after a decision is made at Cabinet.

A press release can be found here


The first phase of the Local Plan consultation has now been completed

Initial consultation on the Local Plan finished on 31 July 2013.  Responses were received from 4945 respondents, including residents, interest groups, Parish Councils, prescribed bodies/statutory consultees, developers, agents and land owners.

In addition to individual responses 21 petitions were submitted during the consultation period, containing a total of 9022 signatures. The highest number ever received in York for a consultation of this type.

Initial feedback on the consultation, including responses from statutory bodies such as English Heritage, Natural England and the Environment Agency were released publicly at the end of October 2013. These are outlined in a report which was considered by the Local Plan Working Group on Monday 4 November 2013, available to view here. 

As part of the Local Plan consultation, the council received responses from the following prescribed bodies/statutory consultees:

  • East Riding of Yorkshire Council;
  • English Heritage;
  • Environment Agency;
  • Hambleton District Council;
  • Highways Agency;
  • Natural England;
  • Network Rail;
  • North Yorkshire County Council;
  • North Yorkshire County Council Highways;
  • North Yorkshire Police;
  • Ryedale District Council;
  • Selby District Council; and
  • Yorkshire Water

The council intends to publish all of the 4945 responses received and this information will be uploaded to the council’s website before the end of April.   However, at this stage in order to address issues regarding data protection, all personal data on responses from individuals (not organisations or businesses) must be removed. This task is ongoing and these will be made available publically in due course.  

Officers are currently analysing and summarising all of the responses received.  This information will then be used, alongside evidence base work, to inform recommendations on redrafting the Local Plan.  A summary of all comments will be reported to Members next year alongside the recommended changes to the plan for Members to consider. 

There will be a further opportunity for you to comment on the final plan next year before it is examined by an independent inspector.


Work is currently underway on preparing a new Local Plan for the City of York. The Local Plan is a citywide plan which will help shape future development in York up to 2030 and beyond. It sets out the opportunities and policies on what will or will not be permitted and where, including new homes and businesses.

Using existing evidence base work and consultation undertaken as part of the Local Development Framework process as a starting point the council have prepared a draft Local Plan document that has been through a consultation process.

What is the Local Plan?

The draft Plan identifies land for business to create 16,000 new jobs and housing sites to provide an average of 1,090 much needed homes a year.  The plan proposes to create, for the first time, a permanent Green Belt to ensure the city’s boundaries are protected until around 2040 and beyond.  This will meet the Government’s new planning guidance and will allow a local approach to planning.  New policies will prevent an unplanned free-for-all approach and protect York’s heritage and special qualities for future generations.

It sets out potential locations for renewable energy generation such as wind turbines and sites for Gypsies, Travellers and Showpeople. The draft plan includes policies on the city centre, affordable housing, community facilities, education, design and the historic environment, the natural environment, flooding, climate change and transport.

How can I have my say?

The the first consultation has now been completed. Related documents such as the the City of York Local Plan Preferred Options document and the accompanying Proposals Map can still be viewed. We have published a number of evidence base documents to support the Local Plan. These provide additional information which have been used to inform the policies and approaches advocated in the draft Plan.  Further supporting documents that were prepared as part of the Local Development Framework are available to view at LDF evidence base.

How can I find out more?

You can view the Local Plan, Proposals Map and all supporting documents in the downloads section on the right hand side of this page.  You can also view the Local Development Framework evidence base here.  Alternatively you can view the Local Plan and Proposals Map in all City of York Council libraries (electronic copies of all Local Plan supporting documents will also be available, please speak to a member of library staff); and all Local Plan documents at the council reception at West Offices. 

To find out more you can also call the consultation phone number on (01904) 552255 or follow @CityofYork on Twitter using the hashtag #YorkLocalPlan

What happens now?

We are analysing the comments received and preparing a final Local Plan. There will be a further opportunity to comment on the final plan before it is examined by an independent inspector.

It is anticipated that a final draft of the Local Plan will be published for consultation mid-year and submitted for examination in Autumn.

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