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Plush Cafe reopens with care

Our local businesses are working hard to keep open and keep customers safe, keeping essential services going during the coronavirus pandemic; they undertake many roles, and we're celebrating this collective show of unity via #YorkKind.

Jaydene's story, Plush Café

Plush Café and shop had only been open for a couple of months before the lockdown. I can’t say that the lockdown was unexpected, as we’d noticed a drop in business over a couple of weeks prior, but it doesn’t minimise the effect it had on our and other businesses in the city.

After over 3 months of no business, apart from our online store that received a lot of support from the people in York and across the country, we were finally able to reopen the café on July 4th. To ensure the safety of all customers and staff, we have installed screens in the shop area as well as the Garden Room of the café. The Bohemian and Neon Rooms are large enough to allow for appropriate social distancing.

Jaydene, Plush Cafe reopens with care

All our staff members are wearing masks, as well as face shields where appropriate, while menus are available in a digital format by scanning a QR code.

Hygiene and cleanliness were always a priority for us as a food and drink establishment, and now we are working even harder to ensure the safety of all. Hand sanitiser is also available in store for customers to use.

Just before we opened the cafe I had a baby daughter, so the lockdown has been a good time for me to dedicate my whole attention to her and spend some time together – just the two of us. Now that lockdown has eased, it’s great that my mother, who is an NHS nurse, can finally spend time with her granddaughter again. In the café, which is our family business, we are looking forward to welcoming back our regular customers!

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