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Using CCTV at home

Things to consider when using CCTV

The phrase ‘domestic CCTV system’ refers to the use of any video (moving or still images, with or without audio) surveillance equipment mounted or fixed on your home, including cameras fitted to doorbells.

When using CCTV at home:

  • speak to your neighbours before installing your system to explaining what you're doing
  • listen to any objections or complaints your neighbours may have
  • invite your neighbours to see the area covered by your surveillance, to address potential worries about your use of CCTV
  • avoid disputes escalating or complaints being made about your recording by inviting your neighbours to view
  • invite your neighbours to view the footage they're concerned about to avoid disputes escalating or complaints being made about your recording

Remember, your use of a domestic surveillance system may be appropriate, but publicly uploading or streaming footage of 'identifiable people' would need more justification, and in most cases, would not be justifiable.

You don’t need to register with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), nor pay a fee (this is a change from the previous law). However, you must consider what 'data controller' records you may need to maintain, and how to make information available to the ICO, upon request.

Help with CCTV at your home

Contact the ICO with your queries about installing or using domestic CCTV.

Also see

Data Protection Officer

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Telephone: 01904 554145