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My City Centre York vision

In early 2020, we asked you to help us shape our response to the challenges already facing high streets and city centres. The coronavirus pandemic paused our engagement work, but it also made our conversations more important than ever.

York’s city centre has been comparatively healthy – with a low number of empty shops, an abundance of family-friendly events, over 8 million visitors a year and a thriving independent sector.

But we're not immune from the challenges facing cities across the country. COVID-19 has increased the pace of change in some areas, like the huge increase in online spending. It's also presented completely new challenges, including the shift to home working and the impact that has on daily footfall, as well as presenting exciting new opportunities.

Whether its changing consumer behaviour driven by technology, growing transport and environmental challenges, or housing demand, My City Centre is an opportunity for York to lead the way.

Together we can shape a people-focused, business-friendly city centre which responds to the changing needs of the 21st century.

The My City Centre vision

Your input in the 'My City Centre' conversation will inform a new city centre vision. You can read your initial responses online. The vision will set out a plan to help make sure the city centre continues to meet the social, economic and environmental needs of York and its communities.

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