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Bus lane and access restrictions

Overview of the scheme

The scheme involves automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) traffic enforcement cameras being used in two city centre locations for the purpose of enforcing traffic restrictions.

Cameras are used in Coppergate to enforce the access restriction in place between the junction with Castlegate and the junction with Piccadilly. These enable us to detect offenders, secure evidence and allow for civil prosecutions to be carried out during the times of operation.

What will the cameras be used for?

The cameras will be used to identify vehicles recorded as being within the restricted area and capture footage of their presence (including details of their registration mark), before setting it aside for review. Although this footage will be collected automatically, there is a human 'back-office' administration involved in reviewing and processing potential penalty charge notices.

Will there be road signs in place to divert traffic?

The signage used will provide early notification of the restrictions and indicate alternative routes for drivers to use. At the nearest points to the restrictions, the signs will outline the hours during which no unauthorised vehicles will be permitted to use the respective routes. The signs will show the times of operation.

The signs will be suitably positioned so as to raise awareness prior to vehicles entering Coppergate and prevent vehicles entering the restricted areas inadvertently. The restrictions will be enforced using powers under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984. The definition of a bus lane as it applies to these locations is outlined in section 144 of the Transport Act 2000.

Restriction times

Coppergate will not be accessible to any vehicle which is not on the exempt list between 7am to 7pm daily. However, to allow for the servicing of businesses and other premises in the area, a loading period for vehicles attending these properties will take place between 10am to 4pm.


To ensure that only entitled vehicles continue to use the areas following the introduction of restrictions, a list of the registration marks of exempt vehicles will be generated and maintained. This will allow all vehicles passing the enforcement camera to be cross-referenced and only genuine offences to be processed. For example, local buses, taxis and emergency service vehicles are exempt and can legitimately access the restricted areas.

Penalty Charge Notices (PCN)

If you receive a penalty charge notice, full instructions on what to do next, how and where to pay, who to contact and how to appeal are included on the PCN and you should follow the instructions on the notice.

Using our online service you can pay for a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), find out more information about the contravention, or appeal.

You will need your Penalty Charge Number and Vehicle Registration Number in order to use the online service.

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