Use our eForm to report a problem with fallen leaves or blossom.

Report fallen leaves or blossom

We undertake a leaf clearance programme which takes place for 6 weeks from the end of October each year.

We use a combination of methods to target pavements, grass verges and roads, including:

  • trailer drawn leaf vacuums
  • large mechanical sweepers
  • manual cleaning

We expect to provide a swift response to clearing but we cannot attend across the whole city at once.

Leaves will therefore always be present to some extent in streets across the city.

  • If leaves are causing a danger, being wet or slippery on a major footpath, report the issue online or contact us
  • If the leaves are not a danger there is no need to report them as they will be cleared in due course as part of the programme

Once the main leaf fall is over, if any problematic leaves appear to have been missed, you can still report them to us.

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Telephone: 01904 551551