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iTrent Employee Self-service and eSlips

iTrent Employee Self-service and eSlips

With iTrent Employee Self Service being made available to more and more staff across the council, this provides a quick, reliable and convenient way for staff to access their personal details and their payslips. iTrent Employee Self-service allows staff to ensure that their all their personal details are up to date, such as address, bank details and emergency contacts and amend them where necessary.

With this in mind, the council has decided it is not sustainable to continue printing paper payslips for all staff each month with the joint considerations of cost and environmental impact to take into account. Therefore as a council we are aiming to move all CYC staff including schools on to eSlips (electronic payslips).

As such, we have introduced a new process in the HR Business Centre whereby where we have a personal email address for a ‘new starter’ then we will automatically set them up with access to iTrent Employee Self-service and turn off the paper payslip option. The employee will then receive an email with their logon details and guidance for iTrent Employee-self service.

New starters will receive a paper payslip for the first month of employment but will then receive an email alerting them to log on to iTrent Employee Self-service and set up their e-preferences to enable their payslip to be emailed to their personal email address. If they do not action e-preferences then they will not receive their payslip by email but they will still be able to view their payslip by logging on to iTrent.

The payslips appear as a secure pdf file on self service, and look exactly the same the paper payslip does now. When the payslip is emailed to the member of staff it will be password protected; this password will have been set by the member of staff on setting up their e-preferences, and you don’t have to access iTrent self service to see it. You can view, re-file or print the pdf file as required, and the eSlips are as valid as paper ones as proof of earnings to lenders, mortgage brokers, etc.

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