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Policies for the 2021-2022 school year

The admissions policies, published admission numbers and related documents for schools in the City of York area concern how admissions applications and decisions will be made for the 2021-2022 school year.

Some documents will apply to more than one school, and where this is the case, we clearly state this.

Coordinated Admissions Schemes

There are 3 Coordinated Admissions Schemes.

Each Scheme explains how the Local Authority will coordinate applications for entry into Reception, Year 3 and Year 7 for all schools (including key dates on coordinating with other local authorities):

Admissions policies

Community and Voluntary Controlled schools

These admissions policies apply to Community and Voluntary Controlled (CVC) schools within the City of York area (that is, where the City of York Council is the admissions authority):

Note: A policy is not required for Year 3 this year, as we don't currently have any CVC junior schools.

Academy and Voluntary Aided schools

There are 16 admissions policies for Academy or Voluntary Aided Schools.

Some schools have their own admissions policy, and some share a policy - for example, non-church schools within the same Academy trust (it's apparent from each policy which school(s) are covered).

Note: Recently converted academies may not be listed here, as they'll be covered by the Community and Voluntary Controlled policy in place before they became an academy.

Year 12

There are 5 admissions policies for Post-16/Year 12 entry.

Each school has a separate admissions policy:

Published Admission Numbers

See the published 2021-2022 schools admission numbers for state-funded schools in the City of York area:

  • infant
  • junior
  • primary
  • secondary

These schools admit children at the start of either Reception, Year 3, Year 7 or Year 12 as the normal year of entry.

Catchment areas

Find details of Primary and Secondary catchment areas online or in our Guide for Parents.

Supplementary Information Forms

You'll require a Supplementary Information Form when you need to apply for a specific type of school place, for example:

  • a place in a ballot
  • on the grounds of religion or belief

View current Supplementary Information Forms.

Other related documents

The following documents don't only relate to the 2021-2022 school year, but have been recently updated:

School admissions Determination Notice

Following consultation, all admission authorities must formally set ('determine') their admission arrangements by 28 February 2019 in line with the School Admissions Code (GOV.UK).

The Determination Notice contains details of the decision made by the Executive Member for Education, Children and Young People to determine the arrangements for Community and Voluntary Controlled schools.

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