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Learning and Work Advisers Privacy Notice

We keep the Learning and Work Advisers Privacy Notice under review. It was last reviewed and updated in November 2018.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Notice, contact the council’s Data Protection Officer.

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Personal data

We collect and use the following personal data:

  • personal data (including name, date of birth, contact details for you and your parents/carers)
  • characteristics (including gender, language and ethnicity)
  • details of any special educational needs for young people
  • your “situation” i.e. whether in education, employment and training or not
  • where appropriate, relevant medical information for young people or parents/carers
  • where appropriate, relevant information regarding your status as a young person in the care of the Local Authority
  • any additional personal information that's necessary for us to assess and provide you with the service you require
  • previous and current involvement with specialist services

See further details about how we define personal data and non-personal data.

Collecting personal data

Your personal data is collected by Learning and Work Advisers on behalf of the council’s Local Area Teams.

Information about you/your young person is collected through:

  • the council’s secure system which is shared with North Yorkshire County Council
  • your school/the Local Authority
  • your Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and our SEN team
  • meetings with you, and your parents/carers
  • consultation with other professionals
  • professional/relevant service reports or council databases
  • post, email and telephone conversations as appropriate

When we ask you for personal data, we'll:

  • ensure you know why we need it
  • only ask for what is necessary for the work we're undertaking
  • store it securely
  • ensure access is only given to authorised staff on a need-to-know basis

We ask that you:

  • give us accurate information
  • inform us of any changes
  • tell us as soon as possible if you notice mistakes in the information we hold about you

Using personal data

We'll use your personal data to:

  • provide confidential information, advice and guidance to help prepare you to make choices and plan your future
  • advise you on your education and future learning options, training and employment
  • offer information and advice to your parents and carers to plan for your next steps
  • work with other professionals to support you to achieve your goals in education, employment or training
  • share information with a new education provider about how best to support you
  • ensure the careers advice you receive is up to date, accurate and impartial
  • create anonymous statistics which can't be linked back to you or your family for the purposes of local and national surveys

Our legal basis for using personal data

The information you provide to the Local Area Teams enables us to support children and young people between 13 and 19 years and their families to meet our legal responsibilities in accordance with the Children and Families Act (2014) and the SEND Code of Practice (2015) and so is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation.

For statutory work, the information you provide enables us to fulfill our legal duties, including:

  • providing young people, parents and carers with advice and information about matters relating to education, employment and training
  • supporting young people to participate in education or training, in collaboration with schools, colleges and other post-16 providers, as well as other agencies
  • identifying those in need of targeted support to help them make positive and well-informed choices

The information you give us ensures that we can provide recommendations regarding special educational provision and transition planning arrangements.

Sharing personal data

We may share information about you/your young person with other relevant professionals who provide co-ordinated support and to improve multi-agency working.

We regularly share information with:

  • schools, colleges and training providers
  • voluntary sector organisations who could support you
  • employment support agencies
  • professionals from Health, Social Care and Early Help teams
  • North Yorkshire County Council

We will not share your personal information with any other organisation or third party other than those set out in this privacy notice without your consent, unless required to do so by Data Protection legislation, in delivering our statutory functions (in accordance with the Children and Families Act 2014), or such actions are necessary for safeguarding children and young people.

We may use the information to create anonymous statistics which cannot be linked back to your family or individuals. We could use these statistics to see how the Local Area Teams service, the wider council and its partners are supporting families and individuals, to help design better services and to contribute to national surveys and government returns, for example, to the Department for Education.

Sharing data under Data Protection legislation

We may be required or permitted, under data protection legislation, to disclose your personal data without your explicit consent, for example, if we have a legal obligation to do so, such as for:

  • law enforcement
  • fraud investigations
  • regulation and licensing
  • criminal prosecutions
  • court proceedings

We must protect public funds and may use personal data and data-matching techniques to detect and prevent fraud, collect taxes and ensure public money is targeted and spent in the most appropriate and cost-effective way. To do this, your personal data may be shared with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds, including the Department for Work and Pensions, HM Revenue and Customs, the Police and other local authorities.

Retaining personal data

We'll keep your personal data until you turn 20 or until you are 26 if you have special educational needs or a disability. It will be archived for period of up to 5 years after which time it will be permanently deleted or destroyed.

At the end of the retention period, we may pass any relevant information to the City Archives where it is required or appropriate to do so.

Further processing of personal data

If we wish to use your personal data for a new purpose, not covered by this Privacy Notice, then we'll provide you with a new notice.

The new notice will:

  • explain this new use before we start the processing
  • set out the relevant purposes and processing conditions

Where and whenever necessary, we'll seek your consent to the new processing, if we start to use your personal data for a purpose not mentioned in this Privacy Notice.

Your rights relating to personal data

When we collect your personal data, we'll tell you how we're going to use it. Where we process your personal data, you have a number of rights under data protection law.

See further details of your rights relating to personal data.

Also see

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