Published Monday, 15th July 2019

Councillors will soon discuss the new draft council plan and what priority outcomes will be set at the council over the next four years.

At a meeting of the Council Executive, a report will be presented to Councillors outlining a draft framework to shape the new council plan which, once completed, will guide the council’s work until 2023.

The proposed framework suggests eight main outcomes for the council over the next four years:

*     Good health and wellbeing

*     Well paid jobs and an inclusive economy

*     Getting around sustainably

*     A better start for children and young people

*     A greener and cleaner city

*     Creating homes and world-class infrastructure

*     Safe communities and culture for all

*     An open and effective council.

If approved, Councillors will also be asked to agree to a public consultation on how to best deliver the eight outcomes for the city, building on the conversation started during Talk York, which was aims to attract inward investment and engage residents.

The council plan consultation will ask residents their views on what they, communities and the council can do to achieve these outcomes for the city. This will inform what the council will do over the next four years to deliver what matters for residents, communities and businesses. The consultation period will run from the beginning of August until mid-September with the results being considered at Executive and Full Council in October.

Councillor Keith Aspden, Leader of City of York Council said: “This plan will set our ambitious vision for the future of the city and set clear expectations on how we propose to deliver improvements for residents, against which we will monitor delivery and measure performance.

“This report also lays out our ambition to hear from residents and partners before the council plan is finalised. We will want to hear about what we can do to deliver on these priorities and how they may be able to support this journey to being a cleaner, healthier city with an inclusive economy.”

Councillor Andy D’Agorne, Deputy Leader of City of York Council said: “A council plan is important so we can clearly set out what we hope to achieve in the next four years. These proposals recognise the climate emergency declared by full council whilst also considering a range of social, economic and environmental factors we are keen to prioritise and ensures the city supports a good quality of life for residents.

“This discussion is the first part of developing the council plan, with our proposal to fully engage residents and partners on the real action we can take to achieve these outcomes. ”

Executive takes place on Thursday 18 July <x-apple-data-detectors://3>  and will be webcasted live at <>

To find out more about the report, or to attend the Executive meeting, visit:

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