Published Wednesday, 10th October 2018

Councillors will discuss activities to ensure York is as prepared as possible in the event of a no-deal Brexit at an Executive meeting on Thursday 18 October.

The Government reports that “a scenario in which the UK leaves the EU without agreement (a ‘no deal’ scenario) remains unlikelywhilst advising councils to prepare for all eventualities, including a no-deal.

The council’s Executive will be asked to note the work undertaken with partners so far and identify other areas the council could consider to help the city move confidently forward and positively respond to any change.

Councillor Ian Gillies, Leader of City of York Council said: “It is important that we undertake this work so we are ready should there be no-deal. Our main focus is ensuring the wellbeing of our residents and reducing uncertainty for businesses and communities wherever possible.

“We appreciate the wide range of views on the likelihood of different outcomes. This report helps us understand any changes no-deal would bring so we can address issues and take advantage of any opportunities.”

Councillor Andrew Waller, Deputy Leader of City of York Council said: “The implications of Brexit continue to remain unclear and its future uncertain. That is why we, as an authority, are working to ensure contingencies are in place for the city and sign posting to information.

“We have held a number of discussions with partners from across the city who have expressed concerns at the potential loss of EU staff, materials goods and exports. These discussions will continue so information regarding the potential impacts can be shared with our partners.

“We will continue to closely monitor the negotiations and with this in mind, continually review how this will affect the city and the services we provide as a council.”

Executive takes place on Thursday 18 October from 5.30pm and is open to members of the public or is available to watch live online from:

To find out more about the report, or to attend, visit:


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