Published Tuesday, 13th March 2018

City of York Council is supporting national no smoking day on Wednesday 14 March and reminding residents that support is available for those who want to kick the habit.

Smoking kills 79,000 people every year1 and one person is admitted to hospital in England every minute with a smoking-related illness. The council’s YorWellbeing service, which looks to help residents improve their health and wellbeing, can offer advice and support to help change smoking behaviours, as well as advise which medications to buy to help you quit, if necessary.

Susan, a 49 year old medical secretary from Strensall stopped smoking 20 cigarettes a day twenty months ago after being a serious smoker for over 34 years.  She tried her first cigarette at 7 and first packet at 11, starting smoking properly at 14.

She came to the council for support to help her quit “I couldn't have done it without coming for support.  There is so much to say and talk about when you’re changing a life time habit, and support and being heard was a big part of that.” Her two previous attempts to stop before then hadn't lasted longer than two months.

Susan was diagnosed with health problems related to her smoking three years ago and despite these ongoing health worries causing stress, is still determined not to smoke.

After quitting Susan has noticed health improvements already.

“I have better skin, my voice is less deep and I am sleeping well and breathing better.  My asthma has improved so much that I don't worry about having to climb the stairs any more.

“This time round I feel I am in a different place.”

No smoking day comes after last month the council’s YorWellbeing service announced that Heworth Rugby Club and York RI New Lane community sports club became the city’s first smoke free sports clubs.

Councillor Carol Runciman, Executive Member for health and adult social care said: “You are three times more likely to quit with help and support3. Anyone wanting to quit can contact our team where they will get advice and support from our YorWellbeing advisers to help.

“Quitting smoking is among the best things that you can do for your health. The health improvements seen from Susan are just one example of how kicking the habit can make a real difference.”

Those wanting to quit smoking can get in touch with our YorWellbeing service. As well as help to quit the team can offer advice and support to help residents to live happier healthier lives.

For more information contact the YorWellbeing service on  or 01904 553377 or visit for details of the support available.

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