Dog control orders for ‘agressive’ Akitas

Published Tuesday, 2nd January 2018

At York Magistrates Court today (2 January 2018), the owner of two dogs was given dog control orders after they attacked a terrier.

The two American Akitas are owned by a Julie Ross, aged 53 of White Cross Road, York.
In August last year they attacked a Staffordshire bull terrier on White Cross Road. Both Akitas had run free from their home and began the attack which injured the terrier. Its veterinary treatment was voluntarily paid for by Ms Ross.
In November 2016, Ms Ross spoke to officers about an incident when her Akitas escaped her control and the male attacked two small dogs being walked in Huntington Mews.
In March 2017 Ms Ross received and signed a written undertaking to keep the male dog under proper control following the attack in November. The conditions were to keep him on a lead and muzzled whilst in public, to be walked on his own and to complete all actions recommended by a dog behaviourist. Ms Ross failed to comply with all of these conditions.
Officers were also made aware of an attack on one other dog in July 2017.
The dog control orders have been imposed for both dogs to prevent further attacks. Their requirements include keeping both Akita’s under proper control at all time, keeping them supervised whilst outside and keeping them muzzled and on a fixed leash whenever they are in a public place. The dogs are also to be kept in the control of one person who does not have the control of any other dog.  
The prosecution were also awarded costs of £615.61
Cllr Sam Lisle, executive member for housing and safer neighbourhoods, said: “Dog ownership comes with a responsibility to properly train and supervise pets at all times. This case shows the dangers a lack of proper control can lead to and I’m glad the Magistrate has served these orders.”
Attacks by dogs on other dogs should be reported by calling (01904) 551555 or emailing with as much detail as possible, ie description of the attacking dog and the owner/dog walker, where and when the attack took place, details of witnesses and if any vet costs were incurred as a result.
All dog attacks on a person should be reported to the police on 101 and welfare concerns should be reported to the RSPCA.

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