Executive: Future options and approaches for adult’s transport

Published Wednesday, 19th April 2017

Members of City of York Council’s Executive will consider future options and approaches to adult social care customer transport when they meet on Thursday 27 April.

Whilst various options have been considered councillors will be asked to agree that the council adopts a personalised approach whereby every adult customer is offered a direct payment to make their own transport arrangements, ensuring that transportation is flexible, accessible and tailored to the needs of individuals and communities.

If agreed, the changes will see adult customers being offered a transport direct payment and will be able to choose from a range of council approved providers. A dedicated support officer will also be appointed to support the residents for the first 18 months of the new approach and help them develop personal transport plans, helping them be more independent.

The recommended model hopes to equip customers with the confidence to take ownership of their requirements and offer them more choice and control over their transport arrangements.  

At the meeting councillors will also be asked to agree to the eligibility criteria for access to transport services, and if approved, the closure of the council’s fleet transport service by March 2020, which would reduce incrementally.

The residents would also be able to benefit from free York Independent Living and Travel Skills (YILTS) training to help them to travel independently. The YILTS training has already benefited customers and given them the confidence to travel independently while developing their social and financial skills.

The proposals align with the principles of the Care Act 2014, which aims are to place emphasis on prevention, early intervention and independence. The changes would affect 184 customers, of whom 26 are already travelling independently and a third travel through shared or individual taxis. All will be assisted via the dedicated support officer and access the free YILTS training.

Martin Farran, corporate director for health, housing and adult social care said: “With an ageing fleet we need to look at the options available to deliver an efficient and sustainable transport service for our customers. This report looks at options to give social care customers more choice and control over their transport, in lines with the principles of the 2014 care act, so they can take more ownership of their requirements.”

Executive takes place on Thursday 27 April from 5.30pm and is open to members of the public or is available to watch live online from: www.york.gov.uk/webcasts

To find out more about the report, or to attend, visit: http://democracy.york.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=733&MId=9312

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