Joint statement from City of York Council, the RFL and York City Football Club:

Published Friday, 22nd July 2016

City of York Council, the RFL (Rugby Football League) and York City Football Club firmly believe there is a future for professional rugby league in York.

When the council first signed an agreement (Memorandum of Understanding) with partners in December 2010 it had the future of York City Knights and York City Football Club, and their fans, at the very heart of these plans. We are standing by this because we want to enable each to achieve their ambitions.

We are working closely [the council, the RFL and York City Football Club] and hope to make a further announcement soon. We are also trying to resolve the situation with the Knights fixture against Doncaster.

The RFL confirmed yesterday that the fixture had been postponed to allow time for a solution to be found and the match rearranged. The RFL also confirmed they had several offers from other clubs to host this game and that there was sufficient time to rearrange this game before the end of the Super 8’s. On Tuesday of this week, City of York Council made an offer of financial assistance to the Knights to enable a fixture at an alternative venue to happen.

We continue to work to resolve this situation and are hopeful that ways can be found for James Ford and his players to be able to fulfil the remainder of their fixtures this season.

Whatever the Knights’ future, there is a future for the Community Stadium and community facilities in York, which are all progressing well. The council, the RFL and York City Football Club are fully committed to making sure there is a future for rugby league in York.

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