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Building resilience in the People directorate

Photos of Michael Melvin and Anne Coyle. They are both looking at the camera and smiling.
Michael Melvin, Director of Adult Services and Anne Coyle, Interim Director of Children's Services

Published Tuesday, 12 October 2021

City of York Council is ensuring the continuity of leadership in the People Directorate, in order to maintain resilience in the service.

The Council’s present Director of Safeguarding, Michael Melvin, will now take over in the statutory role of Director of Adult Services, whilst at the same time, Anne Coyle has been appointed as the new Director of Children’s Services. Anne takes over on an interim basis from Amanda Hatton, who is leaving York to take up a new role at City of Edinburgh Council.

Anne, a qualified social worker for almost 30 years, brings enormous expertise across all areas of children's social care, early help and partnerships. With impressive knowledge and experience in supporting children, families and communities, Anne is a passionate and understanding leader. Her additional experience as a ‘lead serious case reviewer’ and of working with a variety of stakeholders will be an asset in the Council’s improvement journey.

Similarly, having already worked in York for 12 years, Michael brings wide and considerable experience to the table. As Director of Safeguarding People, he already has excellent relationships with partner organisations in York, particularly the Safeguarding Children Partnership and York’s Safeguarding Adults Board. Michael also previously held the role of Assistant Director for Adult Services at City of York Council, although he started his career in social work with children in residential care. He has worked for Public Health, led services to support young people with substance misuse issues and held roles to coordinate better working between the NHS and local authorities.

At a meeting next week, councillors on the Staffing Matters and Urgency Committee will be updated on actions to ensure continuity of the statutory functions with experienced professionals and also to discuss the process for appointing a permanent replacement. Councillors will be asked to agree that an appointments sub-committee is established to conduct the recruitment process for a new Corporate Director of People.

Cllr Ian Cuthbertson, Executive Member for Children, Young People and Education said:

“As Amanda prepares to leave the Council, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank her once more for all she has done here in York and to wish her every success in her new role.

We are very fortunate to have Anne joining us to take on the Director of Children’s statutory role on an interim basis. Anne comes with considerable professional experience and has been working closely with Amanda in recent days to carry forward the excellent work our services are doing to support young people and families across the city.

“At the same time, I am also pleased that Michael Melvin has agreed to take on the statutory Director of Adult services role. Michael’s experience working in York will be hugely valuable moving forward, and I know that he also brings a wealth of experience with him to lead the service effectively.

“These interim measures ensure that we will continue to support young people, vulnerable adults and families, particularly as we enter a challenging winter period. Concurrently, will also continue to progress the recruitment process for a Corporate Director of People, but it is a real positive that we have been able to secure these interim arrangements to provide resilience in the service.”

Anne Coyle, Interim Director of Children’s Services said:

I am thrilled to be working here in York a fantastic city with so many inspiring people with a real commitment to help families.

“Amanda has been a huge help passing on her substantial knowledge and experience of working here in York and I look forward to advancing these efforts.

“As well as supporting families I am looking forward to helping our staff.

“The past two years have been incredibly challenging for us all. The pandemic has impacted staff and communities and our services have seen increasing demand. I know teams have been working tirelessly to help communities and adapt to the challenges the pandemic has thrown at us. I want to help the teams and communities to build on the significant recent achievements, such as the multi-agency safeguarding hub and the front door health check service.”

Michael Melvin, Director of Adult Safeguarding and interim Director for Adult Services said:

“I want to wish Amanda the very best for future.

In York we are fortunate to have people working in adult social care who are committed, passionate and caring with a real desire to make a difference.

“I am looking forward to continuing to work with them to support adults across the city and address the challenges we have seen in recent months as a result of the pandemic.”