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Digital parking permits launching 15 September

Published Tuesday, 7 September 2021

From car parks to resident permits, City of York Council is making parking hassle and paper free with a new digital parking permit system which is launching next week.

The new digital parking permits service launches on 15 September with new digital options to help residents, businesses and visitors manage their parking permits and penalty charge notices digitally.

The council has contacted all residents and customers in advance to make them aware that the changes are coming soon and to ensure residents who can’t access services online are supported through the transition.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne, Executive Member for Transport, at City of York Council, said:

The new digital parking permits will make parking hassle free and paperless, with new digital options to help residents, business and visitors access their details online.

“The new system brings a number of benefits for residents and businesses, including hassle-free instant application response, ability to make instant changes to permits - and for eligible permits, being able to swap permits from one vehicle to another.

“This change will see us not only reduce paper waste but also future-proof the system and make accessing council services as easy as possible.”

Certain digital permits will be issued 'same day', removing the need to wait for a considerable time for their arrival through the post. As soon as the digital permit is linked a vehicle licence plate, residents and visitors will be allowed to park their vehicle in the relevant zone or car park.

Current paper parking permits should still be used and displayed as normal. Customers only need to apply for a new permit when theirs is about to expire.

Improving parking permits in York

You'll no longer need to wait for a paper permit to arrive in the post, and our civil enforcement officers will be able to scan car number plates to find out if a vehicle has permission to park, or not.

Certain digital permits will be issued 'same day', and, as soon as you've linked a vehicle licence plate with a permit, you'll be able to park your vehicle. We'll respond within 10 working days if we need to review an application. All digital permits can be renewed online, at the time a permit is due to expire.

Applying for a digital parking permit

To apply for a digital parking permit you'll need details of:

  • postal address
  • vehicle registration
  • valid email address
  • a payment card
  • supporting documents ready to uploaded*

Applying for digital parking permits without internet access

We'll ensure that residents who don't have access to the internet receive all the support they need in order to apply for parking permits.

Our customer Services team will assist you (by appointment) at West Offices; they'll check your supporting documents and ensure you've got a receipt with details of your reference number and valid to/from dates for all digital permits.

In addition all of York libraries have free access to the internet – to find out when your nearest library is open and then book onto a PC go to you will need to be a member of the library.

Library staff may also be able to help you if you need a little support while working your way through the form – call into York Explore, Acomb Explore or Tang Hall Explore to find out more.

Paying for digital parking permits

Paying for your permit is part of the application process; use your payment card while using the digital parking permit system

Using existing permits

If your existing 'paper' permit remains valid, you don't need to change it to a digital version; please continue to display your paper permit until it expires. You only need to register with our new digital parking permit system when your current paper permit is due to expire, or if your circumstances change.

Arrangements for visitor permits

Any 'scratch card' visitor permits will remain valid indefinitely, so that no residents are negatively affected. However, no new 'paper permits' will be issued after the new system is introduced in September (unless otherwise specified).

Changing your vehicle before your paper permit expires

Once our digital parking permit system is introduced, if you need to change your vehicle before your current paper permit expires, you'll need to use the new system to apply (uploading supporting documentation where necessary).Your details will be updated, and we'll send an email notification to the permit holder. There is no need to return your paper permit.

Renewing existing parking permits

Once our digital parking permit system is introduced, when your paper permit expires, you'll need to use our new system to apply for a digital permit (uploading supporting documentation where necessary). No new or renewed 'paper permits' will be issued after the new system is introduced in September (unless otherwise specified).

Cancelling your permit

Once you're registered with our digital parking permit system you can use your account to cancel a permit. We'll arrange a refund, if applicable.

Renewing your permit online

We'll send an email to the permit holder when a permit is due to be renewed. You'll be prompted to use your account in the digital parking permit system to renew your permit online.

Checking permission to park

Having digital permits will mean that these will not be on display for everyone to see so it’s important that all members of the public keep this in mind when reporting potentially illegally parked vehicles. Suspected non-permit holders will be able to be reported to the parking hotline, with tickets issued if it the vehicle is found to not have been authorised.

Our civil enforcement officers will use a handheld device, with number plate recognition software, to link permit-holders to registered vehicles, including those parked with a valid visitor permit, which are available to those with a household permit or proof of residency permit.

Our officers will confirm that a parked vehicle is covered by a valid parking permit whilst on patrol. However if you suspect a vehicle is parked illegally, contact the parking hotline on 0800 1381119 to report the problem.

As the system beds in and Civil Enforcement Officers get used to the new system we expect that the process of checking vehicles will be at least as quick as the present process if not quicker, which will help cover more ground during their patrols.

Will my authorisation card still be valid when the new system goes live?

Yes. If you have a valid authorisation card you can continue to use it to buy your visitor permits. Once your authorisation card or your associated residential permit expires you will then move onto our new digital system.

How do I purchase visitor permits?

Whilst your authorisation card is still valid you can continue to use our click and post service using the online form to obtain your paper visitor permits.

When you move onto the new digital system you will be able to self-serve and buy digital visitor permits once your new account has been set up.

If you need to contact our customer centre to obtain your visitor permits because you haven’t been able to use our temporary click and post system, please continue to contact us and purchase your visitor permits this way. Please have your authorisation and card number to-hand when contacting us.

Additional support

For any additional questions please email and our Parking Services Team will get back to you as soon as possible, or call our Customer Services Team on telephone: 01904 551309.

Please note that due to extremely high levels of demand for council services at this time people may experience a longer wait time than normal. Therefore if they’re able to access the services online please do so.

Support will be provided to any residents who cannot access the online services. Please call customer services team on 01904 551309, where staff can make an appointment for residents to come into the council’s West Offices.

In addition Acomb, Tang Hall and York Explores are offering a drop in service, during their normal opening hours, for anyone who would like support. The library service are able to provide support to those who need help to access online services either because they don’t have the equipment or simply require some help to access online services.