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Emergency roadworks and road closures for Bootham and Gillygate

Bootham gillygate traffic light junction, on a cloudy day in York.

Published Thursday, 26 August 2021

Emergency repair works will be carried out at the junction of Gillygate and Bootham from Sunday 19 September for 5 weeks.

The urgent works are required following a recent condition inspection, which highlighted a number of serious defaults with the traffic signal cables including an imminent risk of permanently failing and that they are beyond repair.

Due to the scale of the defaults, it has also been identified through the survey that the signals also pose a risk to members of the public because of damaged electrical cables and as such a risk of electrocution.

Although the risk is remote, we'll be acting quickly to push forward the works, originally planned to take place next year.

We would like to reassure everyone that basic electrical safety features are still in place and operating correctly. Should an electrical fault occur these protective devices will trip or blow and protect people at the junction.

To mitigate the risk to the public identified, we have considered turning the junction off immediately and installing temporary signals until construction can start in September.

Whilst this would completely mitigate the risk of electrocution, the use of temporary signals does not come without impacts of their own, including:

  • that the basic electrical safety features are still in place and operating correctly
  • should an electrical fault occur it is expected that these protective devices will trip/blow and protect people at the junction
  • the maintenance contractor has not condemned the junction or recommended that it be turned off immediately
  • temporary traffic signals would result in reduced capacity at a junction and in turn cause significantly increased congestion
  • motorists and pedestrians are more likely to take risks when passing through a junction using temporary signals

The major roadworks will be disruptive across the road network and will require full road closures to ensure they can be undertaken safely, and pedestrians and cyclists can continue to access the junction.

The hours of working will be 9.00am till 8.00pm, 7 days a week however, from Monday 4 October to Thursday 7 October working hours will be from 9.00am till 11.00pm to allow for works over the Bootham section to be delivered.

Emergency services will be given the most up-to-date information as soon as it is available and help them in any way we can.

We will be writing to around 650 local residents and businesses in the area to notify them of the works.

Diversions and temporary measures

Significant restrictions during the works include:

  • closure of Gillygate at the junction with Bootham and St Leonard’s Place from Sunday 19 September to Saturday 2 October to all motor vehicles
  • night-time closure of Bootham at the junction with Gillygate and St Leonard’s Place from 7.00pm until 11.00pm on Monday 4 October to Thursday 7 October to all motor vehicles
  • suspension of the taxi rank on St Leonard’s Place near Bootham Bar
  • reduction of St Leonards Place outbound to a single lane

The works will include the full renewal of the traffic signal equipment, installation of signal cable and ducting networks, minor changes to the pedestrian crossings of Bootham and Gillygate including the widening of pedestrian waiting areas and the relaying of tactile paving.

The replacement of the damaged pedestrian guard railing round the junction and repairs and relaying of the footway in the area directly round the junction will also be carried out.

The junction will be operating under temporary signals during the traffic signal replacement works and motorists are expected to experience significant delays while the works are underway.

Signed diversion routes will be put in place and more information will be provided nearer the time. Access will be retained for businesses and residents and we'll be working with local residents and businesses on these to help reduce any inconvenience.

There will be no change to the current arrangements for accessing Bootham Bar leading to High Petergate will be required as part of these works.

We'll be managing the network to reduce delays but drivers are asked to plan their journey carefully and leave plenty of time and to plan an alternative where possible.

Controlled pedestrian crossings will be provided during construction to allow pedestrians to cross the carriageway safely.

Some temporary footway closures will be in place to allow works to be undertaken, however, full access will be retained to all businesses and properties during construction and pedestrian and cyclist diversions through the works will be clearly signed.

Traffic marshalls will be present on site throughout all construction periods to assist with traffic management.

The work will be carried out by our in-house contractor with the specialist traffic signals contractor Dynniq undertaking the traffic signals works.

Bus stop suspensions and bus route diversions will be required as part of the works. Bus passengers are asked to visit iTravel or check with the bus operator, for more details about how the works will impact on their journey.

For any enquires regarding these works please contact: or call 01904 554283.

These works are part of the Traffic Signal Asset Renewal Programme. Proposals were published earlier this year through a consultation asking people their views on the junction, with a decision session planned to take place this autumn to agree to the final proposals.

However, given the scale of the defaults, the emergency works have had to be prioritised and pushed forward to next month.

There could be further scope to review the possible infrastructure improvements outlined in the public consultation in future.