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Council seeks to build on Local plan momentum after Green Belt submission

Published Friday, 26 February 2021

City of York Council has submitted more information about the definition of the city's green belt to the Planning Inspector examining the local plan.

The council submitted the explanation of how it defines the outer boundary of the green belt, with explanations of other green belt boundaries set to follow. Officers also issued the timetable to deliver all the remaining additional information requested by Government inspectors by the end of April.

Having received the bulk of this information in December and January, inspectors have previously indicated that the examination is likely to progress to online consultation over the new information, followed by further hearing sessions, most likely to be held in summer at the earliest.

The council has published the submitted evidence on its key decisions page, which will be added to the latest correspondence on the examinations webpage shortly.

Councillor Nigel Ayre, Executive Member for Finance and Performance, said:

This is more good news for our ambition to secure a Local Plan which gives York the housing and jobs our city needs, whilst at the same time protecting York’s unique character, green belt and natural beauty.

"The exceptional challenges of the last year have continued into 2021, and I would like to once again thank the council's planning officers and government inspectors who've managed to progress this plan despite difficult circumstances.

“The inspectors now have a clear timetable for the delivery of all the additional information, and we will of course keep them completely up to date on our progress.”

The draft Local Plan sets out where and what types of development can take place in York for the next 20 years. Defining a Green Belt, where special protection limits development, is a vital part of the proposed plan for York and in guaranteeing protecting for York’s unique identity.

The plan addresses the challenge of formally defining the boundaries of York’s Green Belt for the first time in its history.

Timeline of information submitted to the Planning Inspector

October 6

Submitted revised housing needs update following 2018 housing needs projections

December 22

Submitted habitat regulations assessments, covering European designated conservation areas

January 15

Submitted green belt topic paper addendum

February 25

Submitted first of several annexes to green belt topic addendum, and a schedule to supply all further annexes by end of April.