Craft and Chat at West Thorpe Methodist Church - ward grant report 2016-17

Published Friday, 24th November 2017

Craft and Chat - ward grant report 2016-17

The Craft and Chat group based at West Thorpe Methodist Church in Dringhouses received a grant from Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward towards the purchase of boccia balls set.

The applicant reported as follows:

''Through playing boccia within the Craft and Chat group, we have been working towards reducing social isolation thorough engagement in group activities.

We have invited people from the local community to come along and join in a game of boccia, which is suitable for those who have limited mobility.

We have put on boccia sessions on a Monday morning and finished our crafting early so that we can engage the participants in an activity that is rewarding and motivating.

Three participants have created a team that has played in two tournaments at Acomb Explore. The participants have met together on a day when they might otherwise have been socially isolated and have bonded together outside of the regular group. Other members are keen to form another team to accompany them.

As a result, social isolation has been reduced, motivation has improved and it has helped some of those with mental health issues to feel that they can achieve something and participate fully in a group.

Our aim is to hold open sessions on occasional Friday afternoons and invite members of the local community to join in with a game or two. Now that we have the boccia balls we should be able to sustain this activity without further funding and through voluntary donations.''

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