Chapelfields Teeny Tots and Tinys - ward grant report 2016-17

Published Tuesday, 31st October 2017

Chapelfields Teeny Tots and Tinys - ward grant report 2016-17

Chapelfields Teeny Tots and Tinys received a ward grant from Westfield Ward in 2016-17 towards:

  • new toys
  • specialist sessions with external providers
  • food for breakfast snacks

The applicant reported as follows:

"In our sessions people have a chance to meet new friends and we provide support to struggling families. We provided activities such as:

  • using soft play equipment
  • day trips out
  • animals visits
  • craft activities

This gave families special time to play with their children and to meet new people.

Throughout the year we supplied nutritional meals, hot drinks and other refreshments to children and other participants. We beneffited the community by providing education about healthy diet and exercise. We also enabled people to become more independent and confident to undertake new challenges and to be around new people.

We encouraged the local community to join our activities by advertising events locally and to the wider ward area. Our sessions are attended by around 10 to 20 children. With adults we usually have an average of 30 people in the building."

When asked what learning was gained from the project, the applicant responded:

"We learnt about how much help is needed in the community, how many families struggle with isolation, money and anxiety.

We want to continue to help bringing the community together and make a happier and friendlier environment for all the people by starting with families and less fortunate children".

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