Friends of Carr Schools - ward grant report 2016-17

Published Friday, 27th October 2017

Friends of Carr Schools - ward grant report 2016-17

Friends of Carr Schools received a ward grant in 2016-17 to produce a film, ‘A Day in the Life of Carr Infant School’, to commemorate the old Carr Infant School site.

The applicant reported as follows:

''The film recorded a typical day in the life of the new and old school, from the children arriving, through lessons and lunch, to play and performance, and the stream of children and parents as they filter back into the local community. We live in a media rich world, the moving image is a powerful tool to tell a story, and these films will increase community involvement and a sense of shared ownership in the school from local audiences; by making the film available online, using the featurette for social media use, and arranging local screening opportunities in addition to a school premiere, such as the Acomb Dance, Arts and Music (ADAM) festival, at Acomb Explore and in West Offices.

The project brought together up to 3 generations of pupil, staff and local community in an activity that promoted the historic and memory of 6 decades of community. Children met with ex staff, pupils and community and welcomed them into their new school. It also contributed to the tireless efforts of the PTA and School group which promotes inclusion of all and provides significant support and experiences for the children.

The new school build has revolutionised an aging school that has provided over 60 years of education to the local neighbourhood. The local community, including current school community engaged in the production of the film, provided historical record of their personal experiences and ensured we were able to accurately record such a historic change. They attended working sessions for the school and we were able to join these to allow the community to actively contribute to the production and views expressed. The local York Film Archive have agreed to store and make the film available for consumption by all those no longer at the school. The school attendees, including ex pupils, teachers and significant contributors to the school (for instance ex-PTA chairs, local supporters) also provided input to the film. The current school cohort took part in Photography and Film workshops to both actively participate and contribute to the views shown in the film (supports further photography groups in Junior School).

There was also significant support from a number of local and corporate groups including Kier allowing children and film access to their development. The film will hopefully be previewed at subsequent open evenings at the school and at the ADAM festival.

Carr Infant School has a long standing presence in the community and people shared their memories of attendance at the school and early memories of the creation of the school. The first part of the film captured the life of the old school and nurtured positive relationships with the local community, helping to create a pride and nostalgia for the area. The second part of the film focused on the work of the school acting as an effective advocacy tool for the school, the ward and the local community and provided an opportunity for the school children to learn new skills. 

The film provided an opportunity for children to come together and learn how film and photography production is undertaken (numerous ipad footage and a ICT working group).

There is little cinematographic record of Acomb that survives today. ‘A Day in the Life of Carr Infant School’ will be a digital record, designed to trigger memories of the old school for local residents and pupils and provide a window into a new chapter for the families and children of Acomb, acting as a lasting legacy for future generations preserved in the vaults of the Film archive based in York.''

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